Tories reached their tipping point – Loyalists to turn on Boris after humiliating revolt

Iain Dale: Tories 'have reached their tipping point'

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Andy McDonald has blasted Boris Johnson as the worst Prime Minister of his entire existence and insisted Sir Keir Starmer would be better suited to the intricate position. The Labour MP claimed another high-profile mistake would put an end to Boris Johnson’s hopes of staying on as Britain’s most powerful person. Mr McDonald said the Prime Minister will have the Tory MPs backing for as long as he is “a winner” but things will take a turn for the worse if he becomes “a liability” and no longer lives up to the duties of his job.

Mr McDonald told Iain Dale on LBC the patience of Tory MPs is being severely tested and they have already reached a “tipping point” after feeling betrayed by Mr Johnson’s recent antics.

The Prime Minister came under fire after being accused of breaching his own lockdown rules following a Christmas party in Downing Street that he supposedly held on December 18 last year.

After his party leader Mr Starmer called Mr Johnson “the worst possible leader”, Mr McDonald told LBC: “In the House of Commons you see the reaction of Conservative MPs.

“Some of them are absolutely incandescent. Some people have been incredibly loyal and you know the conversations are happening.

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“And, of course, that translates into poll deficits.

“That really matters and they will stick with Johnson so long as he’s a winner, but the moment he’s a liability they’ll take the legs from underneath him.

“They are the most ruthless organisation and we need to be more ruthless about how we go about our business.”

Mr McDonald stressed that once he loses the Tories faith, he will never regain it and there is no going back, as they are as unforgiving as they come.


Sir Keir Starmer calls Boris "worst possible leader"

Mr McDonald, who served as Shadow Secretary of State for Transport in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet between 2016 and 2020, also estimated that Mr Johnson is already falling out of favour among many of the Tory MP’s.

He said: “The Tories are superb at it and when they make their minds up, that is it, that is it and he’s out the door.

“I think a lot of them made that decision and I sense that his days are numbered. I think he’s the worst Prime Minister I have ever known in my life. I am sensing from the Conservative benches that they have reached tipping point with Boris Johnson and enough is enough.”

Mr McDonald then maintained that a Labour Government invariably outclasses a Tory Government.


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He underlined that he is in favour of Mr Starmer and the Labour Party finally dethroning Mr Johnson’s Conservative Party to take charge of Britain.

He said: “Well, Keir said of Jeremy that a Labour Prime Minister is always better than a Tory Prime Minister.

“And a Labour Government is better than Tory Government.

“And I agree with Keir Starmer whole-heartedly in that. I think he’s a pretty serious fella of serious times and I’d much rather have Keir Starmer at the helm at the moment.

“I had some disagreements with him but I intimately prefer him to lead our country right now. I’d trust him to make the big decisions and get them right.”

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