Trump removes inspector general overseeing $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief: Politico

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump has removed the inspector general who was named to oversee implementation of the $2.3 trillion coronavirus economic relief, Politico reported on Tuesday.

Trump removed Glenn Fine, the acting inspector general for the Pentagon who was named last week to chair a committee acting as a sort of uber-watchdog over the historic economic stimulus plan, from his post on Monday. He has been replaced by the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general, according to Politico.

The law unleashing a flood of money for individuals, families and small businesses created four different watchdogs consisting of federal government officials and lawmakers. The law, signed on March 27, set aside $80 million to create a committee of inspectors general from across government agencies to review the flow of money and identify any fraud, waste or abuse.

A spokeswoman for the Pentagon inspector general’s office did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

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