US election 2020: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says UK-US relationship will go from ‘strength to strength’

The foreign secretary has told Sky News the UK’s relationship with the United States will go from “strength to strength” whatever the outcome of the election.

Dominic Raab said the election is still “too close to call” but that he is totally confident the American system “will give us a definitive result”.

He told Kay Burley: “The UK-US relationship is in great shape and we’re confident that it will go from strength to strength, whichever candidate wins the election.”

Votes are still being counted, but Donald Trump has accused his opponents of “fraud on the American public” – and claimed victory in the US election before all results have been announced.

It could be days yet before the world knows who has won.

Mr Raab acknowledged that there would be “slightly different contours of the opportunities and the risks” for the UK-US relationship depending on who is in the White House.

But the Foreign Secretary told Sky News that the “bedrock” of the security, economic and cultural ties meant “the relationship will go from strength to strength”.

Asked whether a Joe Biden win would strain the relationship, because of his opposition to Brexit and his support for Ireland, Mr Raab said he was “confident that the relationship would be in good shape”.

Mr Raab said: “I’m not worried about the relationship. The contours of the opportunities and the risks always shift a little bit, but that needs to be set against the context of this bedrock and this wider set of interests which are so strong.”

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