US election: British politicians scramble to cement ties with Democrat Joe Biden

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The Democratic former vice-president looks set to win the election as he makes gains in key states yet to declare results. However, despite his gains, pundits are warning the election is not over yet – and Donald Trump could still retain his position.

Boris Johnson has insisted he will work “very, very closely” with whoever wins Tuesday’s historic election.

And Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been making plans for months to forge strong ties with Mr Biden, if he enters the Oval Office in January.

Mr Johnson told Sky News: “The prime minister of the United Kingdom is always going to work very, very closely with whoever is the president of the United States.

“And that’s going to be the case, whatever the outcome.”

And touching on the possibility of mass voter fraud which Mr Trump is touting in a bid to challenge results, Mr Johnson said he had faith in America’s electoral system.

He added: “And I have every confidence in the checks and balances of the American constitution.”

Meanwhile Dame Karen Pierce, the UK’s ambassador to the US, has been busy reaching out to Democrats likely to be in a Biden-Harris administration.

And in early autumn Sir Keir took part in an online conference call with Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, and other senior Democrats.

The conversation focused on “how to cope with the culture wars,” according to a senior Labour figure quoted in The Times.

And shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy hosted a call with Teddy Goff, the man behind Mr Obama’s digital campaign.

Another notable Democrat attendee was Jess Morales Rocketto, who oversaw Hillary Clinton’s ground operation in the run up to the 2016 presidential election.

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It remains to be seen if a Biden presidency would strengthen or weaken the UK-US “special relationship”.

While Mr Trump called Brexit “a beautiful thing” for Britain, Mr Biden has expressed opposition to the UK’s departure from the EU.

And in recent weeks he said any trade deal between Washington and London would not be signed under his watch unless the UK Government protected the Good Friday Agreement.

His comments came amid criticism of the Prime Minister’s Internal Market Bill.

On Saturday Mr Biden looked poised for victory as vote counts in key states leaned his way, while President Trump showed no sign of conceding despite his increasingly bleak chances.

In remarks on Friday night, Mr Biden predicted he would win but did not declare victory.

Television networks held off from projecting a winner because votes are still being counted and margins are close in the four states that will determine the result.

Mr Biden said: “The numbers tell us … it’s a clear and convincing story: We’re going to win this race.

Mr Trump, 74, has been defiant as his chances fade for securing a second four-year term.

He has made repeated and unfounded claims of electoral fraud, including from the White House briefing room on Thursday night, while his campaign pursues lawsuits that legal experts say are unlikely to alter the election outcome.

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