We were promised wed be protected! DUP leader blasts diverting trade from GB ally

Northern Ireland protocol 'provides no protection' says Donaldson

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DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has slammed the Northern Ireland protocol in a major speech on the impact of Brexit on trade between the province and Great Britain. Mr Donaldson told the press conference that the protocol risked fundamentally undermining the union and damaging its economic integrity. He went on to argue that the protocol had broken the “principle of consent” that had been written into the Northern Ireland peace process. 

Mr Donaldson said: “I’m not prepared to land my hand to a protocol that so fundamentally undermines the union, the economic integrity of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s position in it.”

He went on to say: “We were told that the principle of consent would safeguard our position within the United Kingdom, and prevent any constitutional change to our status unless it had the consent of the people of Northern Ireland.

The DUP leader also referenced recent remarks by the former First Minister for Northern Ireland, David Trimble.

Mr Donaldson remarked: “Indeed, Lord Trimble, one of the key authors of the Belfast agreement, has recently written that the Northern Ireland protocol has not only subverted the safeguards within the Belfast Agreement, causing civic unrest and political uncertainty, but it has also damaged the Northern Ireland economy.”


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