Went out of our way to offend everyone! David Miliband in damning Jeremy Corbyn slapdown

David Miliband slams Labour's 2019 election approach

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The former Labour MP condemned Mr Corbyn’s 2019 campaign for Prime Minister as inherently damaging to the Labour support base. Mr Miliband suggested the ex-Labour Leader had “offended” party supporters resulting in a devastating election result and consequential turbulent backing for the party. He claimed the Labour party was still suffering the fallout of Mr Corbyn’s election failure as long-term supporters were hugely disappointed by Labour’s “fall from grace.”

Speaking to Channel 4, Mr Miliband said: “We almost went out of our way to offend every section of the electorate in 2019, ‘we’ as a party.”

He suggested the 2019 election campaign had been hugely harmful to Labour’s electoral support as the party suffered a devastating loss.

The former Labour MP continued: “I remain a party member, a party loyalist, and we went backwards.

“We got a result that took us back to the equivalent of 1935.

“It was spectacular – fall from grace makes it seem like an accident.”

Mr Miliband, who served as Foreign Secretary under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, suggested the “fall from grace” was not unexpected under Jeremy Corbyn.

He added: “I mean, the party chose to violate so many of the most core assumptions of British voters. 

“So, I think Keir is digging ourselves out of, digging us out of a very deep hole.”

Mr Miliband claimed the current Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer was still battling to secure the party’s recovery from Corbyn’s abysmal campaign.

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The former MP, who was the Labour representative to the Commons for South Shields for over a decade, slammed Corbyn’s controversial campaign.

Mr Corbyn’s election bid ended in tragedy for the Labour party as the Conservatives, led by current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, secured an indisputable general election majority.

Under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party lost a shocking 59 seats in the House of Commons as the Conservatives were able to gain 47 additional seats. 

Labour’s share of the vote plummeted by 7.8% of their previous support with the significant loss prompting Mr Corbyn’s resignation as party leader.

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By the time of the 2019 general election, YouGov data shows 62 percent of those polled judged Jeremy Corbyn to be “dislikeable.”

Mr Miliband has previously described the leadership of Mr Corbyn as a “very low bar” set for Sir Keir to follow.

In wake of the 2019 election, further polling data has displayed the aftermath of Mr Corbyn’s leadership as, by the beginning of 2020, between 75 and 71 percent of the population judged the party to be weak.

Sir Keir has struggled to rebuild the party’s reputation but YouGov tracking data shows that, although the belief of Labour weakness has declined, the party is still only labelled ‘strong’ by a tiny minority of voters.

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