What are your policies! Keir Starmer savaged for unappealing bland nothing statement

Keir Starmer is 'remarkably ineffective' says Ann Widdecombe

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GB News host Tom Harwood reflected on Labour Party leader Keir Starmer’s 29-page essay on the state of the party. Mr Harwood argued the pamphlet was bland and vague and lacked any detail on where the party stood. He also claimed Sir Keir’s attempted to appeal to a broad church only to end up not appealing to anyone.

Mr Harwood said: “Keir Starmer’s 14,000 word, 29-page essay on the state of the Labour Party is finally out there for us all to read.

“On the eve of the Labour conference, a hefty new mission statement has been put together for Labour members to digest more so than the public at large.

“Entitled The Road Ahead, it concludes with ten new principles for the party.

“From the truly revolutionary statement ‘If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be rewarded fairly.’

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“To the ‘oh so incredibly specific pledge that ‘we will always put hardworking families and their priorities first’.

“I am pretty sure former Tory leader David Cameron was the first to use that phrase ‘hardworking families.”

Mr Harwood then went on to attack Sir Keir for the vague nature of the statement.

He said: “Is it too much to ask that with these 14,000 words some greater specifics could have been arrived at by the end.

Keir Starmer is 'remarkably ineffective' says Ann Widdecombe

“What is your policy? Labour’s policy is to put your priorities first.

“It is a nothing statement, it is a catch-all designed to mean everything to everyone and ending up meaning nothing to anyone at all.”

“Oh well, despite this bland blancmange, it is not really the essay the Labour leader is trying to create.

“Despite it being made up of mostly plain platitudes it has never the less sparked a great deal of controversy.”

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Sir Keir Starmer faces unrest within the Labour Party ahead of the conference as his support from MPs wanes.

Labour’s former shadow chancellor John McDonnell has been warned his plans to reform how the party elects its leader could “rip our party apart”.

Mr McDonnell said the reform was a “complete distraction” and a bad idea.

Sir Keir wants to scrap the Labour’s one member, one vote system which was introduced in 2014.

The plan has sparked controversy within the Labour Party with former leader Mr Corbyn calling the move “deeply undemocratic”.

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