‘You have ruined many lives!’ EU’s ‘illogical’ vaccine strategy dismantled by angry MEP

EU testing regime has ‘ruined many lives’ says Ivan Vilibor Sinčić

Ursula von der Leyen’s Commission suffered a brutal attack by the Croatian MEP who told MEPs in Brussels on Tuesday the coronavirus testing system adopted by the bloc was inconsistent. Mr Sincic argued that with a substantial number of false-positive test results “many lives” in the EU had been ruined. He said: “What we cannot measures we can’t manage. I like figures and I want exact figures. The Commission is now mentioning how many billions will get one or the other pharmaceutical company for the development of vaccines.

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“Why don’t you use these billions for diagnoses? According to scientists, there are cycles of positivity in the results of PCR tests.

“Beyond a certain number of cycles, this data becomes false. Because of bad diagnostics, you have ruined many lives.

“Many people were not able to work, they were not able to travel, they needed to self-isolate.

“What logic is there when 97 percent of tests are false positives?

“And these people weren’t able to do anything. They were not able to be cured for other medicines.

“So I want to know the data and without exact figures we can’t manage this.”

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