Adult film stars half-naked police chase through streets while high on cocaine

A porn star from Margate triggered a manhunt after escaping from a police car half-naked while high on cocaine .

Roma Lawson had been arrested on suspicion of drug-driving, but got out the car on the way to the police station and ran through the streets of Margate without her trousers on.

The 34-year-old had been spotted crashing her car into a van in the seaside town.

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Once police officers arrived they gave her a drug test, which she failed, and she was then put her in the car to take her to the a police station.

While sitting in the back seat, Lawson secretly undid her seat belt and waited for the vehicle to stop before escaping the vehicle.

In her struggle to get out, officers grabbed her legs to try and stop her but she wiggled free but lost her trousers in the process.

She then ran through the streets of Margate and arrived at a friend’s home, prosecutor Eleanor Scott-Davies told Canterbury Crown Court.

But her escape was short-lived, and she was promptly tracked down and re-arrested 90 minutes later.

After her second arrest, she was taken to hospital due to concerns over her mental health, but once there she again tried to escape.

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The court heard how she lunged towards a police officer and bit her on her thigh causing bruising before trying to escape the hospital.

Lawson, who has 10 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to escaping from lawful custody and assaulting an emergency worker.

In 2010, she hit three parked cars and flipped her car while three-times over the limit, before fleeing the scene and leaving her best friend who had a fractured skull.

Lawson has worked in the porn industry under the name Romana Ryder and has appeared in adult films Pyjama Party and Teacher’s Pet.

Judge Catherine Brown told Lawson handed down a sentence of eight months’ suspended for a year-and-a-half.


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