‘Aggressive’ turkeys rule neighbourhood and ‘keep residents trapped in homes’

Turkeys are terrorising a neighbourhood by pecking vehicles, tires and unfortunate children.

The area of Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, is gaining traction online but not for a reason you'd probably even think of.

Turkey attacks are plaguing the neighbourhood, with neighbours catching footage of the attacks and posting it online.

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Local resident Meaghan Tolson named the birds who've been demonstrating their aggressiveness in Woburn.

"The most aggressive one is Kevin, then there are three ladies because their colouring isn't so distinct," she said.

"It's Esther, Gladys and Patricia. Even if you are parked, Kevin will try to get in your car."

There's a litany of both funny and scary footage with Tolson recording almost a dozen videos of the attacks.

"You have to open your passenger side door and lure them over there, then make a clean break to the house," Tolson explained.

The turkeys have filmed taking people hostage by stalking them in their homes or cars with one resident, according to April Drollete, refusing to leave her home.

Fellow local April said: "They always go toward [my neighbour's] car, so she will refuse to leave her house if they are going toward her car.

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"There have been times I'm trapped in my car, can't get out, and have to call family members. They usually bring an umbrella. It takes a team."

The pecking and chasing represents the turkeys asserting dominance over people.

David Scarpitti with Mass Wildlife said: "Turkey behaviour starts to kick in where they become so habituated with people that they are not really seeing that distinction.

"It's all about how they respond to the turkeys, if you turn and run away, now you are subdominant. He just won that battle."

Scarpitti's advice to those who encounter turkeys is to keep them in front of you and open an umbrella in their direction which will scare them off.


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