Aliens like nothing weve seen could be lurking in the clouds of Venus

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Scientists believe there could be potential lifeforms producing ammonia in the clouds of Venus that are “very unlike anything we’ve seen”.

The colourless gas, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, could be a sign of a range of chemical reactions that would make the planet more habitable to alien life.

On our planet, ammonia is a left-over waste from aquatic organisms.

Venus is so hot that it is reportedly very unlikely possible to harbour life forms, and if there does happen to be life in the clouds it is likely to be tiny microbes like Earth bacteria.

In a new study, researchers from Cardiff University, MIT and Cambridge University modelled a set of chemical processes to see that, if ammonia was present, it would set off a series of chemical reactions that would neutralise surrounding droplets of sulfuric acid.

If this happened, it would increase the acidity of the clouds making them a level that life could tolerate, Independent reports.

Co-author of the study Dr William Bains, from Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy, said: “We know that life can grow in acid environments on Earth, but nothing as acid as the clouds of Venus were believed to be.

"But if something is making ammonia in the clouds, then that will neutralize some of the droplets, making them potentially more habitable."

The scientists proposed that the most plausible explanation is that the origins of the ammonia is biological, rather than from natural forces like volcanic eruptions of lightning.

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“Ammonia shouldn’t be on Venus,” said study co-author Professor Sara Seager.

“It has hydrogen attached to it, and there’s very little hydrogen around. Any gas that doesn’t belong in the context of its environment is automatically suspicious for being made by life.”

Dr Bains added that the chance of life being present on Venus was "very small".

But he states if there was "even a small chance there’s life there it will such an epoch-changing discover that it’s really worth following up”.

In 2023 the Venus Life Finder mission will launch to study cloud particles, but the detection of alien life will take more time.

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