Angry Zelensky demands EU face music on Putin in fury at ‘dangerous’ Germany-Russia ties

Ukrainian MP warns EU 'will be next' if Putin wins war

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Brussels is being lambasted over its inability to break all ties with Russia, as Vladimir Putin’s troops continue to attack Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he welcomed Western sanctions but they “are not enough” to end the Russian aggression, calling for a full trade embargo.

The Ukrainian leader criticised firms which continued doing business with Russia and said “the world is silent” as nuclear power plants are captured and shelled.

“Many international companies have not yet withdrawn from the Russian market although severe sanctions were introduced,” he said.

Such firms “don’t care about the 97 kids who were killed so far”.

He called for Russian navy vessels to be barred from ports around the world and for all Russian banks to be excluded from the Swift financial messaging system.

He said: “We have to acknowledge Russia as a rogue state and there has to be a trade embargo with Russia. This is something that we need and you need as well, just like the rest of the world, to make sure there is peace in Europe and Ukraine.”

But according to experts, the EU’s failure to take a tougher stance against Moscow is the result of German-led trade policies now crippling the bloc.

Politico’s Barbara Moens wrote: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, however, means that even the EU is beginning to realise that it’s been dreaming.

“It’s becoming starkly apparent that the German-led trade agenda of appeasing Moscow has proved strategically dangerous.”

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Writing for the Economist, Constanze Stelzenmüller also said: “Germany had outsourced its security to the United States, its energy needs to Russia and its export-led growth to China.”

Echoing her comments and pinpointing the failure on former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian MEP Marco Zanni added: “This has been known for some time, and it is the socio-economic model that the Germans have imposed on the entire EU, with the results that we all have under our eyes.

“I would add that this is one of the harmful legacies left by Merkel.”

Mr Zelensky told representatives from European countries gathered in London on Tuesday to “help yourself by helping us”.

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Speaking by video link he told the Joint Expeditionary Force meeting: “You know the kind of weapons we need, everyone knows.”

He said the shipments of supplies from the UK and other nations were being rapidly used up.

“The amount that we are getting per week is used, usually by us within 20 hours,” he said.

As a result captured Russian equipment and old Soviet-era kit was being pushed into service, he said.

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