Army of angry rats invades leaving petrified bloke a prisoner in his own home

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    A bloke has been left scared and trapped inside his own home thanks to an army of angry rats.

    Stephen Boyd, 31, lives in a block of flats in Eccles which has been left with a plague of vermin in recent months.

    And the 31-year-old, who is “petrified” to leave his flat, has detail the horror of who bad his temporary accommodation is.

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    Describing the rats as his “worst nightmare”, he said that he often has to rely on neighbours to get rid of them every night when he gets home from work.

    Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, he said: “I understand that that everywhere is has a rat problem but when when you’re overrun like I am I feel like a prisoner in my home.

    “My housing support worker has been contacting the housing managers and environmental health to report this problem and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it

    “A neighbourhood officer came last week and they told me that the bins were going to be changed. The rubbish is beyond a joke – there’s like 40 flats here and we have six bins between us."

    He added: “I’ve got two dogs I can’t get out because I’m really petrified.”

    Stephen, who says the rats are affecting his mental health issues, claims that the issue of the rats also stems from fly tipping in the backyard area of the flats.

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    He claims he contacted Salford City Council, but no action was taken and he has spent around £400 of his own money on rat poison – which he also seems to have not worked.

    But the council's lead member for enviroment, Councillor Barbara Bentham, claims that the council has acted upon the reports of the rat plague.

    “We have attended the site each time rats have been reported and baited the area," she said. "We revisited yesterday (October 2) and again baited the area.

    “We are working with ForHousing to investigate why rats continue to be attracted to this site and what actions can be taken to deal with the problem.”

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