Baffled docs find live ladybird in mans intestines during routine poo checkup

Doctors were left baffled and down-right flabbergasted when they discovered a ladybird in the intestines of a patient in the US.

The 59-year-old man attended hospital for a colonoscopy in which a small camera is inserted in the rectum for a closer inspection of the bowels, reports IFL Science.

While it may be common to discover an irritation, perhaps even a wound or a lesion of some sort, finding a ladybird is certainly a unique discovery.

The routine practice is carried out to check what's causing bowel symptom such as bleeding from the bottom or constipation.

The incredible find was made in 2019 and included as a case study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology entitled "An Unusual Finding of a Ladybug on Screening Colonoscopy" by Francis E. Dailey.

In the case report it reads: "A ladybug was found in the transverse colon during screening colonoscopy of a 59-year-old man with no comorbidities."

According to the journal the "colonoscopy preparation may have helped the bug to escape from digestive enzymes in the stomach and upper small intestine".

The author notes that in preparation for the inspection the patient was given "one gallon of polyethylene glycol" the night before which helps to clear the intestines before the colonoscopy.

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Recently a man in China almost died after he stuck a 20cm-long eel up his bottom in the hope of curing his constipation.

The man from Xinghua, East China's Jiangsu Province was using a well-known, but rarely tried, home remedy to relieve his discomfort and help with bowel movement.

According to reports he inserted the eel into his rectum but the slippery eel managed to work its way into his abdomen.

It is understood that the eel entered the colon before biting through it and ending up in his belly, reports Global Times.

The doctor who removed the eel in an operation told the patient that he could have died due to bacteria in the large intestine causing hemolysis when it reaches his abdominal cavity.

The doctor managed to remove the eel while it was still alive and wriggling.

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