Banker awarded £11k for being forced to work under bright lights

A banker who was forced to work under bright lights that gave her migraines has been awarded almost £11,000.

HBOS consultant Rajni Duggal won a disability discrimination claim as it was established that her bosses knew she suffered from light sensitivity.

An employment tribunal heard she used toilets at a nearby train station to avoid fluorescent spotlights.

Employment Judge David Khan said: “The lighting caused her to suffer dizziness, dry eyes, pain behind her eyes, headaches and migraines, which meant she could not concentrate on her work or not work at all.”

Ms Duggal’s suffering began after spotlights were added to highlight posters in a 2013 refurb at HBOS in Mayfair, West London. Lights in a hall shone through her office’s glass door.

Bosses made adjustments the judge said “removed the disadvantages”. But the branch shut and her new workplace in Fenchurch Street said its fluorescent lights would not be changed.

Judge Khan said: “The claimant was exposed to bright lights, particularly in the stairway, toilet and back office.

"She wore dark glasses to protect her eyes to access these areas. It was agreed she’d use the toilet at Fenchurch Street station to minimise her exposure to the lighting.”

LED spotlights and a dimmer switch were fitted almost 11 months later but Judge Khan said it was an “unreasonable delay”.

He ordered HBOS to pay Ms Duggal £10,000 for injury to feelings and £827.82 in interest.

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