Bar boss offered girl, 15, £30 for sex if she was desperate to earn more cash

The boss of a snack bar in Scotland offered a 15-year-old employee money in exchange for sex when the youngster mentioned she was moving on to a better paid job.

“If you’re that desperate I’ll give you £30 to have sex with me," were the words of twisted 28-year-old Asim Akram, who runs the Thriller Griller food outlet, based at the Eastfield Industrial Estate in Penicuik, around 10 miles south of Edinburgh city centre.

He made the sick proposal on Snapchat, were he frequently made inappropriate remarks to the teen, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard on Wednesday, reports the Daily Record.

Whilst there, Akram admitted making sexual and indecent remarks to the youngster, both written and verbal, causing her alarm and distress.

Akram had earlier made the girl “uncomfortable” by frequently talking about the sex when his Midlothian business was quiet.

The shop owner also asked the schoolgirl to be his girlfriend in another social media message before she quit and her mum alerted police.

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The creepy behavior started after Akram, the owner and sole operator of the business, had advertised for staff on Facebook and the victim’s mother had seen the post.

The 15-year-old daughter met Akram and was given the job in September 2019, working the 9am to 3pm shift.

The prosecutor said Akram “added her on Snapchat” then sent her a “crying emoji face”.

The girl asked “what was up”, the court heard, and Akram asked to call her.

Fiscal depute Sarah Noon said Akram didn’t phone the teen but instead sent a message “asking her if she could be his girlfriend”.

The court heard this became a “daily occurrence” and the girl finally told Akram she “had a boyfriend to get him to stop”.

In another Snapchat message, Akram told her: “Please keep what I said to you between you and me.”

Ms Noon said the teenager continued to work at the snack bar and after three weeks asked Akram for a pay rise which he gave her.

She added there was often “quiet times” during the girl’s shift when Akram would “talk about sex which made her uncomfortable”.

Ms Noon said the teenager sent Akram a Snapchat message saying she wished to leave for a job earning more cash and Akram wrote back saying he’d give her £30 for sex if she was “that desperate”.

The shaken girl told her mother about the obscene offer and police were contacted in December 2019.

Akram was arrested in February last year and told officers in reply: “All this is not true”.

He pleaded guilty to making the sexual and indecent remarks between September 13 and December 2 2019.

Sheriff Adrian Cottam deferred sentence on Akram, of Livingston, West Lothian, for reports until September. The sheriff ordered Akram be put on the sex offenders register.

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