BBC Weather: Red warning issued over tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in Europe

BBC Weather forecaster Helen Willetts explained that Greece had been issued a red warning for the next few days due to extreme weather conditions. She added eastern Europe could see severe thunderstorms, strong winds and tornadoes over the weekend and into the new week. For the rest of Europe, Ms Willetts explained there would be wet weather that hits Spain and moves north and eastward across Europe.

She also noted that central Europe would be relatively dry and warm but this could spark wildfires.

She said: “Red warnings, the highest level warning, are in force for Greece this weekend.

“There will be torrential rain and stormy winds around this area of low pressure.

“There will be strong winds will keep many areas across the southern Balkans, Greece and Turkey, cold.

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“There will be very inclement weather and some torrential downpours, severe thunderstorms and even the odd tornado.”

Ms Willetts went on to explain the contrasting weather that would be seen elsewhere in Europe.

She said: “In contrast, it is a bit quieter elsewhere but we do have more wet weather coming in across Iberia where we had some flooding just last week.

“Now that wetter weather through the course of the weekend will make its way gradually eastwards.

“So it will be bringing rains across into southern and western parts of France.

“In between, there is a lot of dry and settled weather, potential wildfires here because it is so dry.

“But it is cold as well as windy and wet across southeastern areas in Europe.

“There will be drier weather in between through the Mediterranean but further outbreaks of rain on these weather systems being driven in from Iberia and pushing eastwards and northwards.


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“It is still cold across much of Scandinavia right now under the areas of low pressure and it is still windy in these parts as well.”

The BBC Weather forecaster concluded: “We will see a lot of dry and settled weather under that high pressure, for London and Paris.

“There will be some showers for Madrid and it will be largely dry in Rome.

“But that risk of unsettled weather, that disturbed weather continues into the new week for Athens.

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