BBC Weather: Red warnings issued as Europe set for soaring temperatures and thunderstorms

Ms Willetts stated there are red warnings across France and Luxembourg for thunderstorms and high temperatures forecast for the start of the week. The BBC Weather Europe meteorologist added low pressure will push into the United Kingdom in the coming days, resulting in thunderstorms across parts of Britain. 

Ms Willetts said: “The heat is taking a while to break but eventually low pressure will push thundery showers into western areas.

“Red warnings are in force for the start of the week across some parts of France and Luxembourg.

“Temperatures are pushing towards 40C but with it there will be a breakout in thunderstorms across the Alpes and further east.

“Temperature are above what they should be across the southern half of Scandinavia.

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“The north of Scandinavia will start to see temperatures lowing just a little as we go through the week.

“In Spain and Portugal, we will start to see some thundery downpours as a result of this heat.

“They will break out with low pressure pushing into France and eventually the United Kingdom.

“But it is a slow process, it might be the end of the week by the time that heat finally breaks in the north and west.”

Earlier this week the BBC Weather’s Alina Jenkins explained how low pressure combined with the hot weather could spark intense thunderstorms next week.

Ms Jenkins said: “Really as we start to look into next week, we are still holding on to some fairly high temperatures, it is going to be feeling warm for many of us, and also we have an area of low pressure in the Bay of Biscay.

“This combination of low pressure and above-average temperatures is a good recipe for thunderstorms.

“Such as their nature, they are going to be hit and miss.

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“But, there is a signal that some of these thunderstorms could bring some significant amounts of rain in just a short amount of time.

“That is something to keep an eye on through the early part of next week.”

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Chris Bulmer, said of the oncoming thunderstorms: “The hot airmass will remain over much of England and Wales until early next week, so we’ll continue to see maximum temperatures in the low to mid-30s Celsius as the heatwaves continues.

“It looks like the heatwave could break on Tuesday and Wednesday as the risk of thunderstorms increases for many areas, although at the moment it’s a bit too early to say for certain, so our advice is to keep up to date with Met Office forecasts day-by-day.”

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