BBC Weather: Temperatures plummet across Europe as continent bombarded by thunderstorms

BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas explained weather in Europe would become more unsettled towards the weekend. She said temperatures for much of central and western Europe will fall to the mid and low teens as heavy rain moves in. Eastern Europe will see warmer dry weather before being struck by thunderstorms and downpours.

She said: “Autumn weather has arrived across much of Europe.

“This is particularly true in the west and it is a bit of an east-west split at the moment.

“We have got low pressure moving in from the Atlantic pushing across western and central parts of Europe.

“There are a lot of showers coming out of that area of low pressure.

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“Particularly in parts of France, across the Alps into Germany, the UK as well and a cold northerly wind developing behind that.”

The BBC Weather forecaster explained the contrast in weather conditions expected in parts of East Europe.

She said: “Further east across Europe we are still in the warm air.

“There are some pretty hot conditions holding on across parts of Turkey, Greece and some humid air for the Balkans and Italy.

“We are also expected to see some heavy showers and thunderstorms in the warmer air.”

As we head into the weekend the weather is expected to become more unsettled across all of Europe with the west seeing more rain and wind.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “Colder air further north for France and Denmark with some heavy downpours.

“Brisk northerly winds will be developing over the British Isles and low pressure keeps things unsettled across Scandinavia.”

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“That area of low pressure is quite slow-moving as it just drifts its way further eastwards across Germany into Poland.

“Some of those heavy downpours will be pushing into Romania and Ukraine as well.

“We are still holding on to that hot air, for the moment, in the east.”

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