BBC Weather: UK, France and Germany set for heavy showers and powerful winds this weekend

BBC Weather: Europe set for scattered showers and wind

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Sarah Keith-Lucas forecast a windy Saturday for the UK, while Spain and Portugal also face cold weather over the weekend. The BBC meteorologist also highlighted heavy showers across parts of Turkey and unsettled weather pushing across Poland.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “A jet steam that is quite far south that is driving in areas of low pressure to northern and western parts of Europe.

“Saturday will be another windy day for the UK and France with scattered showers into the likes of Germany as well.

“That cold weather also moving in from north across Portugal and Spain.

“It is a different story towards the south and southeast with some heavy showers holding on across parts of Turkey.

“There is drier and warmer weather as we head across western Turkey, Greece and the Balkans as well.

“We are seeing fairly unsettled weather pushing across Poland, up towards Finland and Norway.”

BBC Weather’s long-range forecast for the UK for the final week of May warns of “high-pressure building to the west of Europe”.

The BBC wrote: “This should push the broad low pressure through to our east.

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“This pattern will bring a colder northerly wind and keep temperatures well below average.

“Normally when high pressure is overhead, it means the weather is more settled and drier.

“However, in this case, the high is expected to be a little too far away to prevent showers completely.

“Lows will tend to be further east in East Europe or Scandinavia, so we shouldn’t see anything too wet either.”


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The BBC continued: “The most likely scenario is scattered showers and occasional weak weather fronts mainly impacting northern and eastern areas.

“The risk of lowland frost will largely be gone as we are at the end of meteorological spring.

“The higher sun angles mean that any sunny spells in the afternoon will still feel warm despite the below-average air overhead.

“We have high confidence on the temperatures being below average, but only medium confidence on the rainfall details for the week.”

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