Black Lives Matter street mural removed from Ste-Catherine Street

The “Black Lives Matter” street mural on Ste-Catherine Street East is no more.

City work crews were seen removing the painted artwork early Tuesday with pressure washers.

Community activists armed with spray paint cans and rollers took over the pedestrianized street in downtown Montreal to paint “Black Lives Matter” in French and English in July.

The colourful writing stretched an entire block between St-Hubert and St-André streets.

Organizers said the piece was to draw awareness to the racial inequalities and injustices Black people face in Montreal and abroad.


In response, the city said the art piece was always meant to be a temporary installation.

The removal was necessary, according to the city, as it is scheduled to reopen that section of Ste-Catherine Street East to vehicle traffic.

A spokesperson for the city said the paint was a danger and that the markings posed a security risk for driver safety.


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