Bloke mauled by giant crocodile asked to be bandaged up and taken to the pub

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    A hardened drinker who almost lost a leg to a crocodile ensured his horror injuries didn't stop him from going down the pub.

    Kyle Hutchinson, from Western Australia, was attacked by a crocodile and suffered three deep gashes to his right shin – and was seen grimacing in agony while receiving treatment.

    However, only hours later, he was seen relaxing and enjoying a beer in a local pub.

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    The steely Aussie won plaudits on social media for his bravery.

    One wrote: "Dudes like "nah just bandage it and take me to the pub," while another said "That's the Aussie way! Yewwwww!"

    "It's summer he wasn't expecting the water to be nippy," another user quipped.

    It seems to be the season of crocodile close shaves in Australia at the moment.

    Only a few days earlier, a fellow Aussie was almost devoured by a crocodile while on the way to work.

    Kane Marcus was driving his truck when he spotted a crocodile near Gunbalanya in the northern territories before stepping out to get a snap of the croc.

    His friend was driving just behind him and filmed the encounter when the crocodile suddenly lunged at Marcus, forcing him to jump out of the way.

    The crocodile then took a bite out of the car's tyre, a reminder of the brute strength and killer nature of the reptile.

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    The friend filming is heard saying "Brus, that's wicked" in trademark Aussie slang.

    But the two weren't done there, and shortly after posed for a photo near the crocodile as it lingered on the other side of the road.

    Normal advice if you see a crocodile is to back away slowly and to not make sudden movements.

    But some forgo this advice when they come up against them.

    In June, a pub owner went viral after fending off a crocodile by hitting it on the head with a frying pan, also in the Northern Territory.

    It then backed off and returned to its waters.

    There are thought to be 100,000 crocs down under, with the Northern Territory host to the largest population.


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