Bloke ‘stabbed roommate to death because he couldn’t stand his snoring’

A security guard has been accused of killing his colleague and roommate following an argument about his snoring.

Muzaffer Eser, 28, allegedly killed Kenan Maral in an attack in Yalıkavak, a beach town on Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula, on Friday December 2.

Eser was arrested on charges of stabbing the fellow security guard, local news agency Demirören Haber Ajansı reported.

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The Turkish news agency reported that Eser launched a bloody attack while Maral was sleeping, stabbing him 20 times.

The men had been sharing a room while working at a beach hotel together, but it was said that they didn't get along.

Local news reports suggest that Eser had complained about Maral's snoring keeping him up and had "warned" him about it before.

The rows persisted and on the evening of Maral's death, it was said that the pair had come to blows about his snoring once again.

After the argument Eser then changed his shift hours, taking on the night shift in an attempt to get some sleep away from his roommate's snoring.

But when he returned from his first night shift at around 6am Eser allegedly launched a brutal attack while Maral lay sleeping, plunging a knife into his body repeatedly.

Emergency services arrived at the hotel following the attack and Eser surrendered himself to the police, but 29-year-old Meral was declared dead at the scene.

His body was taken to the morgue of Muglas Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.

Eser was said to have been suffering from psychological problems while in the midst of a divorce.

Local news report that the investigation is still ongoing and that he remains in custody.

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