Bodybuilding legend who beat Schwarzenegger still lifting weights at 79

A famous muscleman has wowed fans online by releasing a new range of workout videos at 79 years old.

Frank Zane is one of only three men to have ever beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in competition, and is commonly regarded as ranking alongside him as one of the all-time greats in bodybuilding.

In a set of clips on Instagram, the American legend can be seen performing a range of bicep, tricep and leg exercises aimed at people who don't have access to high-end gym equipment.

One of these includes a unique take on the incline curl that is performed facing downwards on a bench using a dumbbell, similar to a spider curl.

The three-time Mr Olympia winner tells his audience that a sense of pace and timing is the key to success in transforming your physique through the exercises, saying in one recent video: "You want to develop a rhythm when you're doing them. Rhythm is what counts."

Fans have drawn attention to the hunk's incredible longevity. "Man's 79 years old and still kickin," one commented, while another wrote a short tribute: "The man. The legend. Frank Zane."

He has also been called a role model for all people approaching their golden years.

One said: "Way to keep Pumping Frank!! Inspiration for all to never stop!!",

At the height of public attention, Frank was nicknamed 'The Chemist' for having a bachelor's degree in science, and for his then-unusual use of legal nutritional supplements to maximise his physical prowess.

His focus on building muscle definition rather than size, and his use of lighter weights at the beginning of his career, are considered to have changed the way that bodybuilders approached their sport forever.

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Frank was also known for his focus on pre-workout meals as part of his routine, although he stood out amongst his peers for a relaxed attitude to food after he'd completed a competition.

He retired from the activity in 1983, and is currently collaborating with fitness movie director Alex Ardenti on a feature length biopic film.

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