Bosnia's coronavirus-free Adriatic resort charges disinfection entrance fee

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – The authorities in Bosnia’s sole Adriatic resort Neum have begun charging an entrance fee for the disinfection of vehicles as a measure to keep the town coronavirus free with the Labour Day holidays starting on Friday, local media reported.

Zivko Matusko, the mayor of the town which lies along Bosnia’s 12-mile stretch of the coastline, told N1 television the decision had been made by the town’s civil defence headquarters and that the money would be spent on disinfectant and staff to carry out the process.

The fee, ranging from 2.5 to 5 euros, depends on the type and size of vehicle. Disinfection of vehicles entering Neum has been obligatory since the start of the coronavirus outbreak last month but there has not been a charge until now.

Matusko had previously said he feared an influx of visitors over the holiday weekend. However, Bosnia’s two regions on Wednesday reinstated stricter measures on the movement of people during the three-day period after the number of coronavirus cases soared following an easing of restrictions. [nL8N2CH5J0]

Neum had been the only Bosnian town where visitors needed to show medical receipts on entry to prove they were not infected with COVID-19. That measure was abolished on Monday, according to N1.

The town relies on tourism and wants to keep its coronavirus-free image for the upcoming summer season.

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