Boy, 4, found dead had ‘face ripped off’ by pack of stray aggressive dogs

A four-year-old boy in Russia who had been playing on his bike in the middle of the street was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs.

The child, who has not been named, was discovered by a neighbour who had heard loud aggressive growling and a child’s terrified cries.

She told local media in his village of Saforovo in the western state of Bashkortostan that she ran into the street to see a pack of dogs "tearing something apart" and as she got closer, was horrified to see that it was a child.

The woman said the boy had "more than half of his face ripped off," with his "left ear, nose and both cheeks torn away`'.

She said: "He was lying on the ground with his scalp and more than half of his face ripped off.

"His left ear, nose, both cheeks were torn away. I could see the skull. He was dead."

She added that the dogs continued "prowling" around the little boy as she called emergency services for help.

"The dogs were prowling alongside. I covered the boy with a sheet to prevent them from mutilating him further," she told local media.

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His heartbroken mum said the boy had been outside for just 20 minutes before a neighbour ran to her house and informed her about the attack.

She said: "I was doing laundry when he asked permission to go to the street and ride his bicycle.

"20 minutes later a next-door woman ran up and told her had been killed by dogs."

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The Russian Investigative Committee has now launched a criminal case for "negligence that resulted in the death of a minor."

Police in the area could be held liable for the death as people had complained about packs of aggressive dogs wandering the street.

A spokesperson for the village’s administration said: "Those responsible for the incident will be brought to justice."

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