Brave dog takes on deadly snake in backyard fight of its life to protect owner

A brave dog was shot on camera standing up to a deadly snake in her backyard.

The incident was captured in north Queensland, Australia, and shows the dog protecting her cattle and owner from the scary predator.

The dog grabbed the snake from under a garden shed before shaking the reptile around and dropping it to the ground.

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The snake was an eastern brown – among the most dangerous in Australia, and accounts for the highest number of snakebite deaths in a country famed for its deadly wildlife.

The snake is then seen hissing and leaping at the dog, narrowly missing sinking its fangs into the canine.

She then grabs the snake again and gives it a bite and a shake before spitting it back onto the grass.

The snake, undeterred, once again approaches the dog, making another lunge and very narrowly missing her.

Sensing its chance, the dog goes in for the kill and once again grabs the snake as it turned its head, shaking it violently from side to side and then dragging it out to its full length and dropping it on the grass.

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As if to give it a final warning, the brave pooch then walks up to it once again, biting in on its tail and confirming it as the victor.

The dog's bravery hailed online, with one saying, "Good job Buddy" while another said "watching this makes me miss my father in law's dog. Saved his life many times up the paddock."

Though others were concerned for the well-being of the dog, worried that it may have gotten a dose of deadly venom.

"This is how I lost my cattle dog," one user said.

Eastern brown snakes often cause havoc in Australia.

A month earlier, video emerged of an 11-year-old girl who was described as "lucky to be alive" after she picked one up while walking through Melbourne and filmed herself picking up the snake, unaware it was on of the most venomous in the world.


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