Brazillian politician throws live grenades at cops who tried to arrest him

A Brazilian politician and ally of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro was arrested for firing rifle rounds and throwing grenades at police who came to his home to arrest him.

Two officers were hospitalised after grenade shrapnel hit them after they were part of a cohort that went to the home of Roberto Jefferson, who was under house arrest for threatening the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

The 69-year-old's home, in Comendador Levy Gasparian, north of the state capital Rio de Janeiro, became a flashpoint on Sunday, with the former PTB political party leader shattering the windshield of a police car with rifle shots and launching three grenades.

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His own pal, Bolsonaro, reacted by saying those responsible for the trouble should be arrested. Mr Jefferson is in custody after he surrendered following the eight-hour stand-off.

Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes had ordered Jefferson's detention as he violated the conditions of house arrest.

Globo in Brazil reported that some of these conditions were "using networks, posting threats and insults to ministers, receiving visits and giving political advice."

He has also reportedly been charged with attempted murder.

Because he breached his house arrest conditions by passing instructions to PTB leaders and posting fake news online ahead of Brazil's presidential election on Sunday, a judge ordered that Jefferson's house arrest be converted back into a custodial sentence.

When officers went to his house to carry out the judge's orders, Jefferson retaliated. Police retaliated against the attack, but did not invade the former deputy's house, reports said.

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After the melee large Bolsonaro and Jefferson allys assembled at the house, reportedly harassing press who were there covering the story. A film reporter was reportedly attacked.

President Jair Bolsonaro said afterwards: "As I ordered the Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, Roberto Jefferson has just been arrested. The treatment given to anyone who shoots a police officer is that of a criminal. I offer my solidarity to the police officers injured in the episode."

However, Roberto Jefferson's arrest was ordered by Minister of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil Alexandre de Moraes, not Bolsonaro.

Moraes said on Twitter: "Congratulations for the competent and professional work of the Federal Police, pride of all of us Brazilians. Any aggression against the police is inadmissible. I sympathize with agent Karina Oliveira and delegate Marcelo Vilella who were , cowardly, wounded."


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