Brit family cowered in H&M hidden in clothing rails as gunman shot eight dead

A British family hid between clothes rails in H&M as a gunman went on a shooting rampage, killing eight and wounding seven others.

Abu Akther, 41, from Stoke-on-Trent, was in a shopping mall in Texas, US, on Saturday (May 6) looking for a swimsuit with his daughter when the shooting took place.

He saw bodies strewn across the floor and eventually ended up in the H&M storeroom with his family, where they remained for an hour until police escorted them out, reports Stoke-on-TrentLive.

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The 33-year-old suspect Mauricio Garcia was shot dead by a police officer who happened to be in the area while responding to another call. An AR-15-style assault rifle was found nearby.

Abu said: "There was a rapid 'pop pop pop'. I told my family to stay inside and hide. We were right at the entrance and my family covered themselves with railings and clothes. I went back out and I saw a card messed up the window as I could hear more gunshots.

"There were bodies on the floor to the left and a lady came towards me. She had been shot. I grabbed her and brought her back into H&M.

"We were told to go into the storeroom. There was a girl bawling her eyes out. She said 'I think my mom's dead'. I was comforting her, I was telling her she's ok."

After waiting in the storeroom, Abu and his family were escorted out and again they saw the bodies of victims on the ground.

He added: "They told us to put our hands up and asked 'has anyone got any weapons?'. They started escorting everybody out. As we were going out I look at the H&M window and there were bullets everywhere through the glass, literally inches away from where I left my wife and child hiding.

"You could see the victims. There's a bush outside H&M and there was the body of a child there. She was crouching down in that position behind a bush. At the time we assumed there was more than one shooter because of the amount of bullets sprayed everywhere.

"My wife shouted at me saying 'why did you go back outside' but the way I saw it was there was a guy with a gun shooting. I'm not one to wait for him to kill me, I would rather confront it. It's a tricky one. If he comes into the shop it doesn't matter how much you hide, you're going to get killed."

He added: "Adrenaline and fear took over. Even when the gunshots were firing, nobody knew what was going on. Then we saw the bodies."

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