Brit family travel to Brazil for dentist appointment because its cheaper than UK

A British family said they have been forced to travel to Brazil for a dentist appointment and said it's cheaper than the UK.

The Woodmanseys said they travel 6,000 miles from Yorkshire just so they can get a check-up after struggling to get seen by the NHS.

Stuart, 43, came up with the solution as an alternative to spending £1,000 on private treatment in the UK.

Instead, the security consultant takes his wife Kedma, 41, and their son Jacob to the dentist in Kedma’s home city of São Paulo, when they are meant to be enjoying their holiday.

The dad says he last had a check-up abroad just before the pandemic hit, but plans to visit during his next getaway, reports The Sun.

The revelation comes after it was found that nine in 10 dental practices were unable to welcome new NHS patients.

Stuart, of Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, said: “I can’t get an appointment in our area, I’ve been trying for years.

"I have to go in Brazil when we’re there on holiday.”

He added: “After you’ve paid for a flight — about £600 to £700 — the dentist in Brazil only charges around £50 a visit.

“It works out much cheaper than £1,000 for ­private treatment here.”

Stuart isn't the only Brit who has had to resort to drastic measures during Covid-19, as Billy Taylor said he had to pull out his own tooth during lockdown.

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The 33-year-old said he spent more than an hour, with the help of his son, trying to get the infected tooth out after he was refused an emergency appointment in 2020.

He told BBC's Radio 4 at the time: "I phoned my dentist and they said they were closed and would put me on an emergency waiting list but I didn’t know how long that would take so I phoned 111 and they basically said that unless it was stopping me from breathing they couldn’t do anything.

"This wasn’t the case but the pain was excruciating, so I got an ice pack and put it on my face until I couldn’t feel it anymore and the final tug, me and my son just went for it and it came out, it was quite tricky, I thought maybe 20 minutes but it took an hour and a half."

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