Brit office workers admit missing their workplaces during coronavirus lockdown

More than two thirds of British office workers admitted they have missed their workplace during the coronavirus pandemic, especially gossip and even meetings.

The study of 2,000 workers found speaking to people face-to-face topped the list of the most missed aspects while having equipment including printers and multiple screens to hand also ranked highly.

A further 14% missing the tea rounds, and 17% are longing for the days where colleagues brought in birthday treats.

Almost two thirds (65%) also said they now appreciate the social side of work more than ever, with 51% missing the workplace banter.

Chris Liddell, product and purchasing director at packaging company RAJA UK, which commissioned the study, said: "After a long time away from the workplace it's interesting to see what people can't wait to get back to one day.

"There are clearly many things people took for granted this time last year, from the social side of working with colleagues daily, to equipment and furniture such as desks, chairs and storage.

"Homes weren't made to be offices and a lot of people may have been stuck in their kitchen or bedroom in recent months struggling with the set up and space.

The study also found 18% have missed listening to music on their commute and 12% feel the same about reading their book on their travels.

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And while 24% have missed wearing office attire each day, 41% have struggled to think of what to have for lunch daily while working from home.

But despite being away from the workplace, more than three quarters have kept in touch with their colleagues, with 56% catching up via video calls.

When asked if they are ready to return to the office, 46% say they are prepared to return "gradually" while another 17% feel ready to go back full time.

Overall, 38% feel apprehensive about going back, but 14% are excited at the prospect.

Mr Liddell added: "What's clear from this survey is that people miss the office, but many are concerned about going back to the workplace – whenever that may be.

"It's vital for companies to take the lead and ensure that workplaces are well-prepared and Covid-safe, to provide reassurance and safety and welcome workers back to the office one day."

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