Brit who refused to lower music got scythed down by neighbour, inquest hears

A British man living in Thailand was scythed downby his neighbour after playing music too loudly, an inquest has heard.

Marcus Evans, 49, from Berrow, Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, suffered brain stem and spinal cord injuries after he was allegedly stabbed in the neck with a sickle by his neighbour.

The inquest in Taunton, Somerset, heard that Mr Evans was sitting outside his girlfriend’s home in January 2022 with fellow Brit Shaun Dagnan, 55, in the Mueang district of Kanchanaburi.

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It was said during the hearing that his neighbour, 23-year-old Prasut Thipthep became frustrated with the noise the two men were making as they played music from a speaker and drank beer and eventually confronted them.

The inquest heard he attacked the ex-pat with a sharp, curved sickle normally used for farming.

Marcus was left with a large gaping wound in the back of his neck,Thaigerreports.

Wassana Muanchit, 33, would later discover Marcus’s body lying face-down in a pool of blood.

She found her partner of five years with severe wounds along with Dagnan, who had also suffered injuries and was rushed to Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital where he later had surgery on his skull

Mueang Kanchanaburi police obtained the sickle following the incident.

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Speaking earlier this year, the mum of one said: "The neighbour said he was lying down on the floor. When I went out I found out he was dead.”

She added: “I was out of my mind because I loved him so much. He was the love of my life.”

Police allowed her to see the man who allegedly killed Evans.

“I looked into his eyes. I was still so angry at him. I asked him, ‘Why did you kill my husband?’” she said.

She added he had been her main provider.

Adria Licci, 59, knew both of the victims and said: “I was friends with the man who died and the one who was injured.

“They also knew the attacker and they had drinks with him before and had given him cigarettes.

“They used to joke with him a lot. I’d never seen the three of them arguing before until last night when I heard them all shouting at about 3am.”

Thipthep was found hiding in a hose nearby covered in blood and shaking before he was arrested on suspicion of Marcus’s killing and later confessed to the charge of intentional manslaughter facing him, police said at the time.

At a press conference in January, police Lt. Gen. Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong, said: "From the investigation, the accused confessed that the cause of the death came from a disagreement with the deceased.

"The injured victim and the deceased were drinking alcohol and playing loud music during the night until it caused dissatisfaction with the perpetrator and leading him to attack the men."

The assistant coroner at Somerset Coroner’s Court, Stephen Covell said Mr Evans passed away at 2:51am on January 22, 2022, from “brain stem and spinal cord contusion”.

He added the injuries were caused by a “knife wound to the back of the neck, inflicted by a male neighbour who had become angered by noise being created by the deceased and a friend during a late evening”.

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