Britain’s worst paedo ‘stabbed in brain and strangled to death’ by prisoner

Britain's worst paedophile was allegedly sexually assaulted and then strangled to death by a prisoner as a form of punishment for the crimes he committed, a court has heard.

Richard Huckle, 30, was serving 22 life sentences for abusing 200 children when he was allegedly attacked by Paul Fitzgerald in his own cell at HMP Full Sutton.

Fitzgerald allegedly inserted an object into Huckle’s anus and brain as a "form of punishment" for his crimes, with prosecutor Alistair Neil Macdonald claiming it was a "carefully planned" attack.

Mr Macdonald presented evidence at Hull Crown Court on Wednesday 18 November, the first day of Fitzgerald's murder trial.

He told the court a fellow inmate, Ronald Mariner, discovered Fitzgerald straddling Huckle, who was face down in what was described as the "massage position".

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Mr Macdonald claims Huckle's hands and feet were tied and he was being strangled with a ligature with a pool of blood around his head.

Two prison HMP Sutton officers rushed to the cell and said they discovered Fitzgerald in the same position with his face up against Huckle's, it was heard.

Prison staff told police the attacker appeared to be whispering into the ear of his victim, although it is not known what was said.

After being forcibly removed from the cell Fitzgerald told the officers, "I think I’ve killed him, he’s dead," Mr Macdonald alleged.

Fitzgerald was then searched and a vape, two condoms and a guitar string and a bottle of lubricating jelly were found on his person.

Mr Macdonald said the day after the killing Fitzgerald told the Full Sutton mental health care manager that he had planned to murder two or three people but found he was having "too much fun" with Huckle.

Senior nurse manager Mr Brennan described the demeanour of the defendant when he was making these revelations as calm and measured with no remorse, the prosecutor added.

Mr Macdonald said: "This was a carefully planned and executed attack in the course of which Mr Huckle had been subjected to a prolonged attack also designed to humiliate and degrade him.

"The insertion of an object into his anus, and possibly into his brain as well, was, say the prosecution, a form of punishment associated with the offending which had led Mr Huckle to prison.

"All this was most carefully planned and considered by the defendant."

The trial, expected to last five days, continues.

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