Brits casting spells to battle cost of living, says witch – heres how you do it

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    Stressed Brits are turning to casting spells to beat the cost-of-living crisis and boost their wellbeing according to white witch Astrid Carvel.

    Astrid, who has penned a book to help beginner witches, reveals it’s a natural step in troubled times when we feel a lack of control or a sense of powerlessness.

    She says: “People are discovering witchcraft and appreciating it as a path to a more joyful and meaningful existence.

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    “Witchcraft is an ancient and ­natural art – many of the items you need to cast spells are found in ­nature for free."

    Astrid continued: “Witches are everywhere, and you may never realise you’re standing right next to one – I don’t go about wearing a pointy hat and floating on a broomstick!

    “As a white witch, much of what I do is about practising self-care and living in harmony with nature.

    “The spells I cast are usually made in an attempt to protect the wellbeing of my family and friends.”

    Taking your first steps into magic might seem daunting – but Astrid suggests it’s actually the opposite.

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    She adds: “Life is full of magical moments. Think of how burning your favourite candle can soothe you after a difficult day, or how the breeze on your face can bring clarity if you are making a hard decision – this is all to do with magic.

    “My first step as a baby witch was to incorporate more of these ­elements into my lifestyle.

    “I started with traditional forms of self-care, like mindful nature walks and herbal teas, before I branched out into other areas of witchcraft, such as spell work and divination.”

    A quiz at the start of Astrid’s book The Baby Witch’s Journal will give you a steer on the kind of witchcraft which resonates before you start.

    Astrid says: “My goal was to inspire all baby witches to step out of the broom closet and start making some magic.

    “My biggest piece of advice is to take to social media for inspiration and support. The online witch ­community is one of the most ­welcoming and inclusive out there.

    “And remember witchcraft is very much a personal practice, so trust your intuitive powers and pursue the areas that resonate with you.”

    Fancy potion-making bottles are not necessary – neither is a cauldron or black cat.

    Astrid says: “The great thing about witchcraft is you don’t need any specialist equipment.

    “There are many natural energies at your disposal that are available for free, like rainwater and moonlight. There are tools that can increase spell potency, like crystals.

    “But the most important thing to bring to your practice is intention – what you really need is to believe.

    “A lot of witchcraft is to do with self-knowledge and intuition, so trust your inner voice.”

    But be careful about soaking up the energy around you.

    Astrid says: “Witches are sensitive, and we are attuned to energies around us – regardless of whether
    those are positive or negative. We have to be careful we don’t internalise worries of others when trying to help, or get too deeply involved in their problems.

    “If this happens, we can get hurt.”

    Don’t forget to respect karmic law too if you want to get into this world, Astrid warns.

    She adds: “This law is the belief any energy you put out into the universe will return threefold, meaning any negative magic you cast will be three times worse when it comes back to you.

    “The closest I’ve come to a spell backfiring was simply that it took me a little while to understand the limitations of magic in the real world.

    “By this I mean remembering the importance of free will, especially in love spells.

    “Understanding this sooner would certainly have saved me some heartache.”

    The Baby Witch’s Journal by Astrid Carvel is out on June 8 via Summersdale Publishing.

    Your guide to Witchcraft…

    Money luck full moon spell:


    A green candle and holder

    A pin to carve into the candle

    A lighter

    Method: Meditate on what you truly want and how much it will cost, visualise how the money will improve your life in as much detail as you can.

    When you have a clear mental image, think of one or two words which define the item or experience, and carve into the side of the candle with your pin.

    Place the carved candle in a holder and light it. Meditate on the flame and think again about what you need the money for. Watch the candle burn down over the words that you have carved and then blow it out. When the candle stump has cooled, place it in your purse. The universe will respond by the next full moon.

    Fortune telling with your phone:

    Find a quiet place with minimal light and turn off your phone. Clean the screen with a soft cloth.

    Perform a mindful cleanse, imagining white light encircling the screen. Meditate and soften your gaze on the black mirror, allowing your clairvoyant abilities to surface.

    Wait for images, physical images or in your mind’s eye.

    Spend around 15 minutes, and write down your experiences to allow you time to decipher them. Slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings. In the present, check your notes and take a moment to consider the messages. For extra help, get a dream dictionary to look up the meanings of certain symbols.

    Manifest your goals:


    A pen

    A slip of paper

    A seed and somewhere to plant it – a pot or garden

    Method: Write your intention on a slip of paper in the first person using the present tense and keep it positive.

    Be as specific as possible to give the universe a clear message. Bury your intention, along with a seed, in a pot or a garden. Read your intention aloud as you do so. Take good care of your seedling, making sure it gets plenty of water and sunlight. As your plant grows, the life-giving soil will contribute energy to your manifestation process.

    A spell for good sleep:


    A piece of paper with pen or pencil to write with

    Three lavender stems

    A pinch of salt

    A piece of green string or thread

    Fireproof dish or open fire

    Method: Sit on your bed and think about what’s preventing you from a good sleep.

    Write three worries on the paper. Next, take the lavender stems and place them in the middle of the paper. Sprinkle the salt over and say the following: “With this lavender scent my sleeplessness is spent.”

    Roll up the paper, the lavender and the salt and tie with green thread.

    Leave by your bed as you sleep for three nights. After the third night, dispose of the paper by burning in a fireproof dish.

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