Brits set to scorch in 24C heatwave which could last until September

Brits are set to sizzle in scorching temperatures reaching up to 24C in a heatwave that could last all the way to September.

Met Office experts say the drizzly and damp scenes so far this month might be replaced by the searing mercury – but the forecasters warned there may still be the odd shower.

It won’t be as hot as the boiling weather which is currently blessing southern Europe, but sun-worshippers in the UK can still bask in temperatures in the mid 20s this week, reports The Mirror.

A Met Office forecaster said: “The bigger picture shows this intense heatwave across southern parts of Europe.

"Record breaking temperatures are possible this weekend across Spain and Portugal. Meanwhile across the UK it is a lot more changeable and cooler.

"This run of north westerly winds continuing this week and some wet weather fronts bring showers or rain at times but settled conditions possible later in the week.”

The scientists had good news for Brits on the eastern side of the country and said they will experience the most direct sunlight.

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Whilst other parts of the UK will still be warm, the rays will have to battle more cloud in the northern, western and southern areas.

“Quite a cloudy start to Sunday morning with some outbreaks of rain across northern England and parts of Northern Ireland,” the forecaster continued.

“Skies brightening elsewhere with one or two showers particularly for Wales and the south west. Also some showers still across northern parts of Scotland but where we see the decent spells of sunshine once again it will be feeling quite warm.

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“Highs of 23C, 24C, quite widely in eastern areas so feeling quite warm.

"Next week mostly dry conditions with some sunshine around on Monday.

The forecast added: "Through late August there is an increased chance of warmer than average conditions. This may bring the risk of thundery showers and longer spells of rain at times."

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