Cannibal killer slayed 30 women and kept thousands of bones in his basement

A huge pile of human bones have been found in the basement of the home of an infamous cannibal murderer.

Police in Mexico made the grim discovery at the home of Andres Filomeno Mendoza, 73 – dubbed the Cannibal of Atizapan.

He was arrested last year by police investigating the disappearance of one of his victims, but inside his home, astonished investigators found the remains of mutilated women on a table.

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The murderer also admitted to the killing of around 30 women since 1990 – and he chillingly had the names of all of the written down in a notebook, and admitted to eating parts of them, too.

Local police had found 4,300 bones and fragments in the home since last year, many of which were buried under the concrete in the basement – with a further 300 found in the last four months.

Local media reports that the bones could belong to 19 victims, made up of 17 women, one man, and one child.

Mendoza was jailed for life in March for the murder of one victim known only as Reyna N.

She was last seen alive on May 14, 2021, when she went shopping and reportedly bumped into the suspect, who lived nearby.

It is believed she was the woman whose body parts were found on the table by officers.

Prosecutor Dilcya Garcia said: “We found a basement made by the suspect which had a terrible scene with human remains."

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Local media said Mendoza met many of his victims in nightclubs before tricking them to come home with him and stabbing them in the heart, cutting them up, and burying them in the basement.

The serial killer threw salt over the corpses to help preserve them.

Now investigators are trying to literally piece together the remains of his victims to establish their identities.

Two investigations into the horror killings are ongoing.

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