Cant blame everything on Brexit! GB News presenter reacts to UK Chicken Wingdemic

GB News: Patrick Christys reacts to the 'Chicken Wingdemic'

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GB news presenters Patrick Christy and Mercy Muroki has weighed into the row over the cause of chicken shortages at Nando’s on GB News. The popular outlet was forced to temporarily close stores this week citing issues with supplies of poultry. Reports have blamed Brexit-related supply chain issues for Nando’s shutting up shop but Mr Christy and Ms Muroki argued the problem may instead rest with the NHS Covid app.

Mr Christys said:”Nando’s had to shut around 50 restaurants this week temporarily after apparently running short.

“I do wonder whether or not it is Brexit or whether it is the pingdemic,” he added.

“I feel like it is the pingdemic, you can’t blame everything on Brexit can you, surely,” insisted Ms Muroki.

Mr Christys continued: “Factory workers seem to be the focus and if you are in a factory…when we have the pingdemic pinging everyone left right and centre.

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“If you are stood within 20 feet of someone pretty much who has even come into contact with someone themselves then you are off work.

“So I don’t know whether or not there are issues regarding the Brexit thing but certainly for me the pingdemic seems to be the one I would have thought.”

It comes after the British Poultry Council warned the UK faces a “massive problem” over the supply chain serving the industry as a result of a shortage in staff.

Industry boss Richard Griffiths told BBC radio on Thursday that problems within the supply chain could have a wider impact amid concerns over a lack of available workers following Brexit. 

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Mr Griffith reported Poultry Council members faced vacancy rates as high as 16 percent.

He told BBC Radio 4: “The situation we’re seeing I think is a result of the Brexit issues that have arisen.

And we’re seeing struggles across the supply chain with shortage of labour.”

“Our members are reporting up to 16% vacancies at the moment and this is a direct result of the limiting of immigration policies,” he added.

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“We are asking the government to ease those, and also look at the skills and development arena as well to try and encourage not just non-UK but also UK workers into the sector.”

Mr Griffith continued: “We are one part of the supply chain and this is affecting everybody.

“We have seen the HGV drivers, that is part of our supply chain as well.

“We have seen the hospitality problems, that is part of our supply chains so we are not alone.”

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