Cat ‘mocks’ asthmatic feline pal by running laps in his exercise wheel

The moment an asthmatic cat tried to learn to use an exercise wheel so he could shed a few pounds was totally eclipsed when another feline jumped in his place.

TikTok user @momothebengal has been sharing the fitness journey of his cat Liam, who has to be given two puffs of an inhaler every day to ease his breathing difficulties.

In a recent video, titled "Day 6 of trying to get Liam to use the exercise wheel", the chunky tabby cat is posed in front of a laptop with a cat wheel tutorial open on YouTube.

Unfortunately, Liam only seems to be half interested and is lazing around on the bed.

The cat is successfully tempted onto the wheel to get a treat and walks a couple of steps before getting off it again.

Greedy Liam then decides to try and force the treats out of his owner's hand rather than wait for them to be placed on the wheel – making the second part of the lesson plan go a bit askew.

Liam then does a couple more steps – with his owner moving the wheel by hand – while sniffing a line of catnip.

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At this point, Momo the Bengal cat gets "bored" of watching the other feline's dawdling and leaps onto the cat wheel to take it for a spin.

She sprints on the wheel while Liam sits on the sidelines.

The video has been "liked" more than 5.5 million times since it was shared on TikTok on October 19 – with many people laughing at MoMo’s unhelpful behaviour.

One viewer commented: "Why the other cat gotta flex?"

"The other cat flexing made me laugh," said a second person.

Sounding impressed, someone else wrote: "The other cat moving faster than The Flash."

"This made me giggle it’s so cute he needs to lose weight but you have to feed him to get him to try," joked another fan.

In his most recent video, Liam did actually manage to move the cat wheel by himself so it looks like his owner's love and hard work is starting to pay off.

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