Cat’s unusual ‘slinky’ sleeping position leaves viewers in stitches

An adorable striped cat has gone viral after his owner posted a video of his unusual sleeping position and compared the animal to a slinky.

Reddit user mustinjellquist posted a short 10-second clip of Milo the cat to a thread dedicated to cute pictures and videos of animals.

The short but sweet clip begins with Milo’s little legs poking out from behind a cushion as he lays on the sofa.

At this point, Milo's face can't be seen, but the camera soon gives a birds-eye view of what is a very comfortable Milo in a very questionable position.

Milo is completely sprawled out in the snap, with his face contorted to the right to rest on the cushion.

His little paws are right out in front of him, with the two closest to his head suspended in the air as if Milo was planning to jump up at any moment.

The clip has since received more than 3,000 upvotes after being shared yesterday (October 3).

Alongside the video, his owner compared Milo to a slinky, a popular toy that flows with its own movement.

His owner said: "More and more I’m starting to think that Milo was a slinky in a past life."

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  • Reddit users have gone mad for the video of Milo, with one stating the charming cat has "the life" they want.

    One said: "Milo needs an intervention from his cat-nip, don’t ya think?"

    A second said: "Milo has the life I want!"

    "Is Milo dead?" asked a third.

    To which Milo's owner responded: "He is currently chewing on my toe."

    A fourth added: "Me, the Sunday after a night of binge drinking and going on a bender."

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