Chelsea Clinton’s baffling confession exposed: ‘Ivanka Trump reminds me of my dad’

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Ivanka, 38, is the daughter of and senior adviser to the current President Donald Trump, and has even been dubbed the First Daughter due to her unprecedented role. Chelsea, 40, was the daughter of the President from the age of 12 to 20 and her mother Hillary Clinton later served as Secretary of State and was the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016, losing the election to Mr Trump. Chelsea and Ivanka used to be friends but fell out over the actions of the Trump administration.

Chelsea said in 2018 that for as long as Ivanka was working for the White House she should be scrutinised for her own decisions, but also those of the administration as a whole.

She added: “It’s clear that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with and I have been very vocal in my opposition to Donald Trump.”

However, back when the pair used to be friends, Chelsea talked about Ivanka in a 2015 interview with Vogue, in which she praised her and even compared her to her father.

She said: “There is nothing skin-deep about Ivanka. She’s always aware of everyone around her and ensuring that everyone is enjoying the moment.

“It’s an awareness that in some ways reminds me of my dad, and his ability to increase the joy of the room.”

The two women have a lot in common: both are busy working mothers, made famous by virtue of who their parents are.

In the past, they were spotted laughing together on the red carpet, at events such as Glamour’s 2014 Woman of the Year awards at Carnegie Hall.

During the 2016 election, Ivanka told Fox News’ On The Record that she and Chelsea would “absolutely” remain friends after the campaign.

She said: “We support each other. We are not the candidates.

“We are the children of the candidate, and we both respect our parents.

“We never talked about politics before this campaign, and I think it’s probably a good topic for us to avoid now.”

However, the campaign grew steadily more sour as time went on, with Ivanka’s father branding Chelsea’s mother “Crooked Hillary”.

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He also attacked her father Bill Clinton, branding him the “worst abuser of women”, making Chelsea’s earlier comparison of Ivanka to her father all the more baffling.

Then, after Mr Trump won the election and continued to be as divisive as before, and Ivanka then joined the administration in March 2017, the friends fell out of touch.

In 2018, Chelsea said she had not spoken to Ivanka “in a long time”.

Unsurprisingly, Chelsea has become an outspoken opponent of the government, branding it a “collision of cruelty and incompetence”.

Asked in a 2018 interview with The Guardian whether she feels any sympathy for Ivanka’s situation, she said: “She’s an adult. She can make choices for herself.

“I mean, she’s 36. We are responsible for our choices.

“In 2008 I was really proud to support my mum – but I disagreed with her fundamentally on a few things, particularly her then-opposition to equal marriage rights for LGBTQ Americans.

“I never defended that position, because it wasn’t what I believed was the right thing to do.”

She added that, had her mother won the election, she would not have taken a job in the White House.

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