Children deface 230-year-old statue with blue crayons in gutting museum mishap

Officials suspect a group of children are behind the very juvenile defacing of a 230-year-old statue that has been daubed in blue crayon.

The face, limbs, and torso of the figure Roman Naiade, Sabrina, situated in the gardens of Croome Court, in south Worcestershire, now have a decidedly blue look after children with 'activity packs' were let loose in the grounds.

It's understood that crayons were given out to families in activity packs distributed over the Easter period, the Mirror reports.

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And a memorial to renowned gardener and landscape architect Lancelot 'Capability' Brown is also feeling quite blue after it was defaced on April 8.

In a statement shared by the Museums Association, a National Trust spokesperson said: "We were dismayed that this happened and the team at Croome was understandably upset at the discovery."

They continued: "The incident has required the time and consultation of conservators as well as of the garden and outdoor manager who cleaned the statue and memorial.

"Fortunately, the property was able to remove the crayon from the statue without the help of external cleaners or expensive specialist materials."

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It's understood that trials will be conducted in order to figure out the best methods for restoring the memorial of Capability Brown, with efforts said to be still ongoing.

A spokesperson told BBC News: "The trail had been running for seven days and hundreds of families had completed the trail without incident."

They added: "Disappointing as they are, incidents like this are very rare considering the millions of visitors who enjoy and respect the places in our care."

The historic statue, which was designed in the early 1770s, sits in a grotto once decorated with shells, coral, and gemstones, beside a manmade serpentine lake. As per the National Trust, the statue itself was manufactured in either the mid-1780s or 1802.

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