China and Russia will move in! Joe Biden warned Middle East at risk of Beijing takeover

Biden: Tobias Ellwood issues warning over ‘school boy errors’

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Tory MP and Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, Tobias Ellwood, insisted that the West has got many things wrong in Afghanistan. While speaking on Jeremy Vine, Mr Ellwood insisted the West and its leaders, most notably US President Joe Biden, should not pull out forces from Afghanistan. He warned that China, Russia, and Iran will fill the void in the country.

He insisted this would lead to even greater problems for the West in the near future.

Mr Ellwood said: “We made so many schoolboy errors with Afghanistan that we cannot repeat again.

“We didn’t even start building an indigenous security force until 2005.

“This was 5 years after we had invaded.

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“We didn’t include the Taliban in discussions, we could have done that back in 2001.

“We fail to understand a country that is embedded with a tribal structure.

“We have been to this country a few times in the last couple of centuries and we got so many things wrong.”

Mr Ellwood added that the West still had time to respond to these issues.

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He said: “I make it very clear that we can get things right.

“You don’t need a huge force to support the Afghan security forces which in turn can support the Afghan Government.

“But us turning away, picking up and leaving like this will make the situation worse.

“China will move in, Russia will move in and Iran will move in and this will create even greater problems for the West to contend with.”

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During an interview with, Mr Ellwood warned that China could find itself in a confident position if the West fails to find a solution to the communist nation’s aggression.

He added the West would experience a very miserable century if China were to grow more powerful.

He said: “In my view, this is very serious indeed, the world is splintering into two competing spheres of influence.

“We have about the next four of five years to work out what the West needs to do to work with and allow a graceful avenue for China and the rest of the world to work together.

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