China launches furious tirade against Donald Trump as it attacks US for ‘weaknesses’

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In an editorial in the Global Times, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, it was claimed the US “no longer inspires other countries but coerces them in almost all aspects”. The comments come after the United States said it would start treating four major Chinese media outlets as foreign embassies, in a move likely to further sour fraught ties between the world’s top two economies.

The editorial which was published after Donald Trump’s US Independence Day speech added: “In developing countries like China, many people used to regard the US as a role model.

“But now, especially since the beginning of 2020, the Chinese public has refreshed its understanding of the US and found it has many institutional weaknesses and even discovered American society’s serious resistance to scientific rules.

“Now must be the most damaging period for the US’ international image in a long time.”

But US President Donald Trump said he was considering several executive orders targeting China.

The measures, according to his chief of staff Mark Meadows, would target manufacturing and immigration.

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday, he said: “It’s dealing with a number of executive orders that may go all the way from dealing with some of the immigration issues that we have before us, to some of the manufacturing and jobs issues that are before us, and ultimately dealing with China, in what we need to do there in terms of resetting that balance.”

But the editorial continued: “The situation since the beginning of 2020 shows that the US lacks political power to bridge differences and unite society as a whole.

“Some US political elites are trying to unite society and win over voters by escalating the confrontation against China.

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“This is extreme nationalism and a retrogression of political civilisation.”

It comes after China’s ambassador to Britain accused the UK on Monday of gross interference and of making irresponsible remarks after Beijing introduced new security legislation in the former British colony of Hong Kong.

The Government has said that China’s imposition of a security law on Hong Kong was a “clear and serious” violation of the 1984 Joint Declaration.

Because of this, Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb said he would offer around three million residents of the former colony a path to British citizenship.

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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said: “The UK Government keeps making irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong affairs.

“This move constitutes gross interference in China’s internal affairs and openly tramples on the basic norms governing international relations.

“We want to be your friend. We want to be your partner. But if you want to make China a hostile country, you will have to bear the consequences.”

He said China would decide on its response after seeing how Britain proceeded with its passport offer for Hong Kong citizens.

Concluding the Editorial, China said that going back a century, it respected “Mr Democracy” and “Mr Science” from the West.

But in 2020, Beijing recommended that the “US should regain its true democratic and scientific” spirit.

It added: “It should abandon the long-standing alienation of its system, remove the increasingly solidified prejudice, fully restore its vitality and revive the strong competitiveness that brought the country all the way to the top of the world.”

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