China sends ‘humanoid’ coronavirus robots to Wuhan hospital using new AI tech

A team of "humanoid" robots have been sent to a hospital in Wuhan the join the battle against the deadly coronavirus crisis.

Robotics company CloudMinds says the machines can clean, disinfect and deliver medicine to patients.

They can also use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect fever symptoms and alert human medical staff.

The team of robots cost between £15,000 and £62,000.

So far they have been deployed at a number of facilities in China including the Wuhan Wuchang Smart Field Hospital.

Since then, CloudMinds CEO and founder Bill Huang said it was like “a previously human-run field hospital located inside Hong Shan Sports Center located in Wuhan was converted … into a robot-led field hospital staffed entirely by robots and other smart (Internet of Things) devices."

He added that the robots had also “helped lift the spirits of bored quarantine patients by entertaining them with dancing".

And they can also be used to deliver food, drinks and medicine to avoid human-to-human contact.

Mr Huang told CNBC: "This AI platform, synced with smart bracelets and rings worn by patients, was able to monitor patient vital signs (including temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels), allowing doctors and nurses outside the facility to monitor all patient vital information remotely on one interface

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“Doctors and nurses were also equipped with these smart devices to monitor their own vitals to catch any potential early symptoms of infection.

“These temporary field hospitals were used primarily to treat new incoming cases with light symptoms, with severe cases being transferred to hospitals.

“As the containment efforts have improved, and the number of new cases has decreased, hospitals are now able to accommodate all new incoming cases.”

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