Cindy Li mystery: Forensic police scour property where missing woman found in critical condition after 12 days

Police are searching for clues at the home where a 70-year-old Auckland woman, who was missing for 12 days, was found alive but in a critical condition.

Sandringham woman Cindy Li, who has been described by neighbours as a lovely woman who was often seen out walking, was reported missing from her home on Tuesday, November 9.

Yesterday, after an extensive search for her, she was finally found.

“Police found the woman at an address near her Tranmere Rd home around midday (Saturday). She is in a critical but stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit of Auckland Hospital and enquiries are under way to determine what has occurred,” police said in a statement.

A local resident told NZME that police searched their property twice in the last week in the hunt for Li.

They say they’ve also been door knocked and asked general questions at least four times, with a daily police presence in the street.

Police in white forensic suits remain at the home, which is attached to several units, looking for more information about what happened. The homes are blocked off with police tape.

A neighbour described Cindy as a lovely woman who really loves cats.

“She is quite well known and walks around the area quite a bit. She’s also into Tai Chi and you’d see her doing Tai Chi movements often.”

“I really hope she’s all right.”

Another neighbour, who is just back from buying coffee from a Sandringham coffee shop says there has been a lot of speculation about what happened.

“Someone mentioned while I was waiting for coffee that she was found…in a neighbour’s garage. Don’t know how much truth there is in that.”

Police at the scene would not comment about what happened

Police said on Friday they had concerns for Li’s safety after she left home on foot on Tuesday last week.

They released CCTV footage of Li in the hope it would help lead to information on her disappearance, saying they had “serious concerns”.

“Despite an extensive area canvassed and ongoing search and rescue efforts, she has not been located and inquiries to date have not been able to establish her movements past this point,” police said on Friday.

Li was wearing a pink coloured jacket over a light-coloured top and white pants when she was last seen.

Another recent CCTV image was also released, as it showed Li wearing the same pink jacket and white pants on an earlier occasion.

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