Convicted sex offender released, at high risk to reoffend against women, children: Winnipeg police

Winnipeg police and the RCMP are warning of a convicted sex offender who has been released.

Timothy Torres, 34, is considered a high risk to re-offend in a sexual manner against all females, including children and adults.

Torres has a probation order expiring July 1 directing he not be alone with any female under 18 unless supervised by an adult approved by his probation officer.

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He also can’t be at a public park or swimming area where people under 16 are present until September 2023.

His most recent conviction was a breach of probation on March 15, 2019, and he received a one-year sentence as a result.

He received a seven-year prison sentence in 2009 for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl and has breached conditions of his probation multiple times.

Torres is expected to live in Winnipeg.

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