Coronavirus crisis: Expert rips apart Donald Trump’s plan to reopen businesses by Easter

US President Donald Trump has called for the country’s citizens to return to work – despite warnings it could lead to a dramatic rise in coronavirus cases. The billionaire claimed he wanted the country “opened up and just raring to go by Easter” at a press conference on Tuesday. The controversial announcement was made amid a dramatic spike in people testing positive for COVID-19. Current figures reveal that the US has more than 650,000 cases and a further 30,434 people have died. As many question the decision of the President, one leading psychiatrist believes he made it because he is a “danger to society”. In an interview with, Dr Bandy Lee claims the announcement may have been President Trump’s attempt to “avert criticism” – more specifically if he has to U-turn. 

President Trump’s order for US citizens to leave the safety of their homes and return to their workplaces is now just over two weeks away.

The call directly contradicts advice of medical bodies across the globe beckoning people – including in the UK where lockdown measures are in place – to stay indoors and avoid mass gatherings.

Even when outside, people have been warned to stay at least two metres away from any passersby to avoid the further spread of coronavirus.

Despite this, President Trump stated he would “give it two weeks” when addressing questions about the COVID-19 action plan, on Tuesday.

But, in a more telling part of his speech, the world leader said: “We will assess at that time and give it more time if we need a little more time. We have to open this country up.”


This statement has been criticised by many, including Dr Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine, who believes President Trump is “fighting reality” and is not taking the outbreak seriously.

She told “He recently announced that he may have businesses reopen by Easter, so that he can get the economy going, while infection rates are exponentially rising and will probably be at their height.  

“Because he has no empathy or conscience, he is about to put the entire nation – and the world – in danger but also not be held accountable for it.  

“This is how mental pathology works: it becomes a weapon for someone with ill intent, as it hijacks the minds of his followers, who believe he is doing his best and a great job.”

Dr Lee suggested there may be a darker reason why the US President has been changing his stance on coronavirus so frequently.

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Citing the vast jumps in his opinion on the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Lee explained that President Trump’s responses may all be part of a cunning ploy. 

She told “He is constantly shifting, not because the number of infected people are increasing, but because he is trying to avert criticism while reshaping the narrative.

“We know that he went from calling it a Democrats’ ‘new hoax’ to ‘I always knew it was a pandemic,’ and stating, ‘We have it totally under control’ to ‘This blindsided the world.’ 

“He no longer defiantly goes around shaking hands and touching surfaces but acts like he emphasised social distancing and isolation all along.”  

Dr Lee claimed this move would be “far more effective than rational strategy” – which could arguably be seen as a way to manipulate the public. 

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Dr Lee has had concerns about the billionaire’s mental health for a long time – she and numerous mental health professionals wrote letters demanding a mental health evaluation for the world leader in 2016.

When this did not occur, she held a meeting with “the most eminent psychiatrists of the nation” to put together a serious evaluation of the US President. 

Their findings were published in 2017 book ‘The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump’ – where they warned he was a danger to the human race.

She told “When we say that this presidency will end with destruction and violence, the world should listen to us.  

“Laypeople could not appreciate how dangerous this presidency was from the start, and they are still underestimating.”

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