Coronavirus lockdown forcing Brits to cut their own hair – it’s not going well

Atrocious DIY haircuts suddenly seem to be en vogue during the coronavirus lockdown.

With many barbers and hair salons shuttered by the ongoing health crisis, Brits are taking matters into their own hands – with some hilariously lopsided results.

We are only three days in and pictures have started to flood social media as the homestyle haircut phenomenon sweeps the country.

It seems Brits facing weeks of self-isolating feel they no option but to dust off the shears and get busy with kitchen scissors, as the emotional toll of the crisis gets all too much.

Hair salons are not illegal during the lockdown as long as customers are dealt with one person at a time, but most salons have shut. This includes nationwide chains.

Other salons are already stressing out about clients ruining their locks with home dye kits and dodgy bowel haircuts.

Stoke-on-TrentLive report the owners of the town's hair salon Alchemy, took to Facebook to plead with customers not to attempt to dye their hair at home.

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They said: "We've had a lot of clients asking about any temporary measures to help with their roots. Please, please, please don't box dye your hair. I’m currently in talks with L'Oreal to see if there’s any quick fix alternative you can use at home and I will be back to you shortly."

Meanwhile Joanne Birch Hemmings, the owner of Concept For Hair, in Poolfield Avenue, Newcastle, is asking clients to share photos of their roots over the coming weeks.

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Other barbers and salons are seriously worried about the coronavirus crisis causing them to throw in the towel for good.

Cutting your hair is nothing new in times of stress, just ask pop star Pink who shaved jer own barnet during lockdown yesterday, or Britney Spears.

For those looking to ace the home haircut, it doesn't have to be all bad.

A coronavirus 'pandemic fringe' trend has emerged to help women in need everywhere and it's already proving fashionable.

Many have stated that they cut in the block fringe because they were… well, bored, but now it's being hailed as a bold new look.

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