Coronavirus lockdown parking restrictions explained

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the lives of everyone in the UK, as they are told to stay home.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the very limited reasons you could leave your home – and one of them is if you have to go to work.

While people are encouraged to work from home, some key workers have to leave for work.

For example NHS staff and social care workers.

The UK coronavirus lockdown has left many people wondering whether traffic wardens are still working.

And what will happen to traffic tickets and parking fines.

The government issued a list of “key workers” who would be permitted to leave their homes to work during the coronavirus crisis.

In the list the government named all government workers in “administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the COVID-19 response or delivering essential public services”.

It also included “those who keep air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the COVID-19 response.”

Traffic wardens have still been operating since the government issued the new strict rules.

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That means motorists are still likely to get tickets and fines on major roads, especially near emergency premises, on bus routes or other key areas.

However, some local councils have chosen to reduce some parking enforcement rules.

Others have suspended their parking enforcement altogether.

For example, Devon County Council said that in order to help residents who have had to park at home because they are working, enforcement on some roads have been reduced.

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Camden Council has said: “We will not be suspending parking enforcement as this would not provide protection for the offer we have put in place for essential workers, however we are scaling back enforcement to deal with dangerous and obstructive parking.”

It’s still important not to park on double yellow lines, or block any road.

According to Birmingham Live, private parking enforcement staff are unlikely to be working, unless they are manning medical and emergency sites.

But it’s worth remembering these private car parks often have number plate recognition and CCTV cameras so you could still get a penalty.

The safest thing to do is check with your local council whether they are still enforcing parking restrictions.

Keep in mind that people are only allowed to leave their homes when shopping for “basic necessities”, medical reasons, or when travelling to and from work, but only if “absolutely necessary”.

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