Coronavirus lockdown ‘to get tougher in three weeks’ as Brits violate quarantine

Brits could soon be under stricter social distancing measures to stop the spread of coronavirus – after the UK's death toll surged by 181 yesterday.

Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 759 people in the UK, including young and previously healthy people, and the figure is expected to soar in weeks to come.

In a bid to stop the spread, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered all Brits to stay inside their homes and practice social-distancing measures on Monday.

The measures currently last for a period of three weeks, and enable Brits to leave their homes for one of four vital reasons.

While much of the UK is adhering to these measures, government advisors said even stricter policies may have to be rolled out next month.

Officials have said the new measures could be introduced in just three weeks, as the outbreak reaches its peak to further reduce "person-to-person" interactions outside homes, the Daily Mail reports.

It is unclear what the new measures may be, but other governments, like France, announced individuals could only exercise alone for an hour within 1km of their homes.

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Spain and Italy have banned outside exercise all together, and citizens need a letter to go outside.

A senior government advisor suggested the death toll would continue to rise for at least the next three weeks, meaning the peak is likely to hit at Easter.

He said hospitals "should be OK" but admitted "we can't guarantee it" and stressed some intensive care units may struggle to cope with demand.

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If Brits adhere to social-distancing measures, the advisor said the number of deaths should go down but stressed there would be "greater enforcement" of the protocols.

The adviser added: "I expect death numbers to increase over two, three or four weeks, and then to gradually decrease."

The official total number of confirmed cases in the UK now stands at 14,543, up from 11,658.

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